Funny Pet Mice Toy Wireless RC Remote Control

-Funny Pet Mice Toy Wireless RC Remote Control

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-Funny Pet Mice Toy Wireless RC Remote Control
Color = GRAY
Prohibited Platforms =
Shipping_Attributes = Metal Device
Supply State =Restocking
Mouse powered by 3 x AAA Batteries (Battery Not Included),Controller powered by 2 x AA Batteries (Battery Not Included)
These cute electronic mice toy with forward & backward modes. A remote controller for convenient controlling and the tile will receive signal, and they will show you an amazing speed jest like the real one.
This RC mouse trick toy with realistic appearance, flocking cover and tail make it lifelike. Great for playing tricks on people and also can be pet toys. Fun for everyone and spooky for others!
Your friend and your pet will not judge that it was a fake toy instantly when they suddenly appeared beside you. Imagine all the fun you can have teasing your cat, dog or trick your friends. What a great pet toy and a perfect April Fool's Day party trick toy!
Type: Other RC Toys
Remote Control: Radio Control (AM)
Model Power
Package weight
Package Contents: 1 x Mouse Toy, 1 x Remote Control
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